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90 x 100 cms

As a long standing admirer of the work of Gustav Klimt , and a figurative artist for many years, I decided it was time to include the female form in one of my impasto pieces.... and this is what I came up with. It began life , believe it or not, as an underwater lesbian scene. The lovely blonde lady here had apparently got embroiled in the clutches of a watery raven-haired vixen and,  as we can see from her expression, was rather enjoying it. Try as I might though I could not get the 2 figures to work together in the composition. I have a record of these endeavours and I will post them on the blog pages of this website... but in the end the other figure had to go, and so this lady became "Venus" . Born out of the sea as in the famous Botticelli painting. I'm not sure now if the robes are billowing in the breeze or swirling in the currents.. probably doesn't matter. Having spent so much time on it I was relieved to end up with this. I'm growing to like it.