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Welcome to my portraiture page. This is where you can find out what is involved in having a portrait painted and the various options of content, size and price.Lets start with the process...I work from photographs. It's quicker for everyone and easier for me. Therefore it all starts with a photographic session. This can either be done in your own home, or outside if the weather suits, or in a photographic studio ( handy if your are intending this as a surprise). The sitter would ideally have a few options of attire, that they feel is fairly representational of them, so I have a choice as some might work better visually than others. This would  most likely take no more than a couple of hours, and from this I would have enough reference material to produce a lovely painting.

At this stage there are some decisions to be made... and the first is how much money you would like to spend which will depend on how much time I am to spend on the picture. A head and shoulders portrait with a plain background, such as the one of my father below, is 18"x 20", would take me a few days and cost £650. This includes shipping costs. 


It isn't ideal but it may be possible to work from a photograph that has already been taken. I would have to have a good look to see if it was suitable. A low resolution  holiday snap isn't really going to be good enough ! 

If you would like something larger  then it would generally involve including more of the figure, more elaborate clothing and possibly a more interesting background. Here's my daughter in a pre-Raphaelite pose with a background based on a Waterhouse painting.

Something like this would take me a few weeks and cost £1500 or so..

or painting someone involved in one of their favourite pastimes can make for an interesting painting.. My Dad loved his woodcarving..

These might give you a few ideas as to what's possible. If you have some thoughts as to something personal to you then I would most definitely be interested to hear your suggestions.

In the meantime , here is a gallery of some previous portraits..

I also work in watercolours which might suit if you would like something a little less formal.  Painting people outdoors with their pets works well in this medium. Here are some examples ..


thanks for looking