Beach Path

50 x 60 cms

Beach path detail 2.jpg

One of my favourite paintings. It is based on the feeling I had a child when as a family we would visit Polkerris beach in Cornwall. The car park was a short walk from the beach... the excitement was overwhelming as we walked down the road laden with buckets and spades , eventually rounding a bend to see the pretty bay and the sand just waiting to be transformed into boats , castles and tunnels. 

This feeling was replicated when I first visited Greece . The walk down the rocky coastal path, turning a corner to see the Aegean, bluer than I would ever have imagined glistening under the intense Mediterranean sun. I love the shapes of the rocks and bushes that just materialised as I was composing the pathway. It's a lovely feeling when one steps back having been engrossed in a painting and sees these areas of thick paint take on a life of their own.