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Born in Plymouth, England quite a long time ago now, I attended Brighton Art College in the 80s and went on to work as a freelance illustrator for the next 34 years. I was primarily painting figurative watercolours for book covers and as illustrations for fiction in magazines. Apart from providing me with a decent income , I was also fortunate to have enough spare time to pursue my own artistic endeavours. For quite a few years this usually meant painting portraits. I was always an admirer of the work of John Singer Sargeant and I've included here a couple of my portraits which demonstrate  his influence.


In more recent years, I suppose about 7 years ago, I started to explore my love of landscape, and more specifically, trees. Without the need for so much detail, I began to use a palette knife and a lot more paint , and I have been happy immersing  myself in this pursuit ever since. The paintings on this website show how this journey has gone. The paintings in the "Pre 2008 " section represent the best of the early years and are generally rather impressionistic, with a lot of individual "daubs" of thick paint ( I use an impasto medium to bulk it out a little). Then, a few years ago  I started simplifying things. Tidying things up. I suppose it's called stylising . Concentrating on  colours and shapes. It felt exciting, and I've been working along these lines ever since. It's a step towards abstraction, but it's still representational and hopefully easily accessible .


Below are a couple of examples of the kind of illustration work I used to paint... thought it might be of interest....